Rainbow Children

Who had the good fortune to witness the night sky these last days as the solar storm illuminated the sky with colours of inspiration, hope and awakening?

I’ve been marvelling at these astounding images and sense a magic sweeping over our collective. Down here in Costa Rica, I did not have the chance to see wth my eyes, but my heart has been connected to the gift that has blessed us. This shower of light comes at a time when we most need, when humanity most needs a little push to remember their own innate power and magic. We are SOUL magical, beyond what we can fathom! The rainbows in both the day and night sky remind us of our infinite, joyful, playful, and awakened nature. It seems as if our humanity has found itself in a place of ‘limited visibility’ and the rainbow comes to expand us out and beyond; a return to our divinity.

This is the energy of the sweeping solar storm and the colours in the night sky – to move beyond limitations and remember our divinity. 

Remembering, remembering, remembering.

‘Who we are, what we are and how we serve.

We have come, we have come, we have come. 

In love and in truth.’ -Paul Selig

My intention today is to inspire you to reflect on how magical this life is. To awaken to the magic that ‘landed’ our species on this planet, Earth Mother, 200,000 years ago, and has brought us to this now moment, living and breathing the apex of a unique threshold, a collective remembering of our origin. 

In the busyness of life and the ‘rat race’ that keeps so many occupied and preoccupied by the demands of every day life, the chance to slow down, take space and reconnect to our SOUL and HEART has been lost. Let this solar storm, reawaken the rainbow child within our hearts; that pauses all things, opens our eyes anew and looks upon the earth with wonder and magic, with and from our hearts and soul. We are all rainbow children incarnate, to reawaken the magic in life and it begins by reawakening this magic in our own lives and rekindling the joy in each and every moment. Once we have embodied our inner rainbow child, we become guardians and way showers for those in our community and the collective at large.

How do we reawaken our inner rainbow child?

Slowly removing ourselves from the intensity of situations that perhaps only exist in our mind, is a great starting point. Giving ourselves permission to let all of it rest, whatever dramas there may be both within and without, trusting that you taking space will cultivate harmony. With time as we let go of our grip to washing around in our own stories and drama, we may arrive at a new vantage point.

How do we reawaken our inner rainbow child? 

1. Time in Nature

There are many tools we can utilize to arrive here- for me the greatest is spending time in nature. This means carving out time in our schedule to immerse ourselves in nature, without hurry, simply to be and relish in the now-ness of her majesty.

2. Create a new commitment to your Sadhana

Another tool is your spiritual practice, when we are anchored firmly within, the outside world becomes more clear and opens in magical ways to serve our high joy and service. Committing anew to our Sadhana, our spiritual practice, can bring the storm back into bay, and we can find our breath with ease and grace once more. If you don’t have a daily spiritual practice, you may write me back here with the word Sadhana and I will be happy to share a daily morning routine and practice with you. For those of you have have worked with me either one-on-one, through the Mystery School of the Rose, courses or in retreats or pilgrimages, you know that there is nothing greater that I emphasize than this practice, Sadhana. My personal Sadhana includes movement, breathwork, meditation, and journaling.

3. Serve

One last tip, for now, that can support you in arriving back to your own zero point within, and back from perhaps an empty well to overflow, is to be in service. When we can put aside (even if it doesn’t feel natural at first) our own needs and show up with an attitude of helping others, we can quickly recalibrate back to our own source of power

We have all arrived, Rainbow Children, from the stars of the infinite galaxies, to remember our unique and eternal souls on this Earth plane in these Earth bodies. Let us reawaken our inner rainbow child, the magic and wonder in life, and may we embody our celestial essence and wisdom on this earth. May we become masterful in playing this game and through our purity in heart, body, mind and soul, reawaken a new earth for ourselves and the collective, one that is not only possible but one that is already here in existence, being breathed into creation, with the gentle heartbeat of our soul songs.

Sending you all a shower of rainbow light upon your crowns. May we reawaken to the power and beauty of our existence, remembering that existing alone in our authenticity, is our divine purpose. May we offer back the weight of responsibility and trust that in our slowing down, reconnecting to our divinity, and breathing our creative impulses into life, we are doing exactly what we came here to do.

MAGDALENE ROSE PILGRIMAGE UPDATE: We just finalized our upcoming Magdalene Rose Pilgrimage in Southern France August 21-26, 2024. If you feel the call to pilgrimage alongside divine rose sisters and reawaken the Magdalene flame within your temple heart, check out our website. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask – spaces are limited so we will accept people on a first come first serve basis!

With love and light,


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