Mystery School of the Rose

Ancient Egypt Pilgrimage

(14 DAYS & 13 NIGHTS)
now accepting applications until october 17, 2021 (limited spots)



In this 14-day immersive experience we will gather as sisters, brothers, Priestesses and Priests of the Temple of Isis to anchor the New Earth codes into the heart of our mother gaia, into our own sacred hearts and into the hearts of humanity.

we are embarking on a global mission to awaken collective consciousness.

do you feel the call?


dear sweet sisters & brothers

It is an honour to meet you here – thank you for listening to your sweet heart and for saying yes. I greet you here in this place, space and time and extend an honourable invitation to you to join myself and my fellow sisters and brothers on the path of remembering and awakening into our divinity. Together we journey through the sacred sites of ancient Egypt to activate our genetic code into remembrance of its fullness and greatness. The time is now – and as I am fully trusting and listening as my divine soul moves and speaks through me, I too invite you to trust your knowing that this moment in time, this moment in our his/her-story is important. Through our collective prayer we sing the songs of the new earth and pulse the frequency of infinite love throughout space and time. This is our work. I am showing up – and dear ones, if you are so ready to step up and forward into your place as a leader of new earth I invite you to join me! With infinite love and grace.  – Bianca Kempe


Remembering ourselves Holy on the Motherland

The sacred lands of Egypt hold an ancient message of awakening and remembrance for us and as we walk them, we awaken within us the dormant strands of DNA that hold all memory of our infinite potential as super conscious and enlightened beings AND we reactivate the land itself to pulse, once more, the vibration of love and Christ light. The Golden Age is upon us and the leaders of New Earth are being called to gather in soul tribe and pilgrimage to the sacred lands that carry the mysteries of time immemorial. It is still beyond us what magic awaits us on this journey – and if you feel the call, you are invited to trust, listen and step into stewardship of this new paradigm together – hand in hand & heart to heart. We will enter into sacred ceremony in the temples, working with and through the magic of heka to open portals, call light to shower upon our earth and usher in a timeline of love, bliss, creativity and deepest remembrance of our truest gifts. In sisterhood and in brotherhood, we gather to witness one another in our queen-ship & king-ship, in our power, in our mastery, in our priestess & priest-ship in our goddess & god and in love to ignite even more deeply the flame of inspiration to spread inner and outer awakening.
We have limited spots for this pilgrimage and we offer priority to the students of the Mystery School of the Rose. If you feel the call, we welcome you to join us!


December 10-23, 2021
(14 days & 13 nights)

  • Private Access to The Sphinx
  • Private Access to The Great Pyramid
  • Giza Plateau
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Saqqara, Step Pyramid & Serrapeum
  • Day Trip to Abu Simbel
  • The Temple of Horus / Edfu
  • The Luxor Temple by night
  • The Temple of Kom Ombo (Sobek & Osiris)
  • Temple of Mut
  • Abydos Temple
  • Hathor’s Dendara Temple
  • Queen Hatsheput’s Mortuary Temple
  • Private Access to Temple of Isis 
  • Temple of Isis, Light Show / night visit
  • Valley of the Kings
  • The Karnak Temple & Sekhmet’s Sanctuary
  • Dashur Pyramids

Private Access Visit

The Sphinx of Giza
The Great Pyramid
The Temple of Isis, Philae


Arrival December 10, 2021


Arrival to Cairo

6:30pm DINNER

8pm Opening Circle

*Late Arrivals Will Be Accommodated

Sample Daily Flow

7am morning practice (yoga, breathwork & meditation)
8am breakfast
9am – 1pm pilgrimage
1pm lunch (either at a restaurant, on dahabiya, in hotel or packed)
3pm – 6pm pilgrimage
6:30pm dinner (on dahabiya or in hotel)
8pm ceremonies, circle, activity, free time +

Departure Dec 23, 2021

We complete our time together on the 23rd and will provide transportation to the airport on this day (all flight schedules will be accommodated).

Temple of Isis Ritual inside the Temple of Isis on Philae Island…

amongst the many adventures and activations we will be experiencing together, this is perhaps the most anticipated activity of the entire trip- perhaps one of the most fundamental reasons WHY we are all showing up in this moment. On the final full moon of 2021, December 19, 2021 we will have arranged a private visit to the Temple of Isis and will be entering into ceremony together, opening a portal of divine Christic Light through the final of the seven Temple of Isis Rituals. With an open heart and deepest trust we show up for this profound calling.


We will be staying in very comfortable accommodation throughout the trip both in 5 star hotels and in a traditional Egyptian boat called a Dahabyia

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Cairo → Luxor → Nile Cruising with traditional Dahabyia → Aswan → Luxor → Cairo

Cairo | Luxor | Aswan

Throughout our journey we will be visiting three main cities/towns of Egypt. We will arrive in Cairo on December 10th and spend a couple of nights there in a beautiful hotel overlooking the Pyramid Complex of Cairo. We open the portal with a private visit in between the paws of the Great Sphinx, to offer our prayer and to receive her blessing for our journey. We will spend a couple nights in Luxor, visiting special sites and then embark on our traditional Egyptian boat, the Dahabiya, for a 5-night Nile river cruise. Along the way we will stop and visit important sacred sites and temples. In Aswan we will spend a couple of nights onboard our boat and enter into the Temple of Isis Ritual in the Temple of Isis on Philae Island. We continue back to Luxor to witness the rising sun on the winter solstice, December 21, 2021. We end our trip in Cairo with the finalé, a private visit in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Private Nile River Cruise in traditional Dahabyia

We will be aboard a beautiful traditional Egyptian boat called a dahabiya, sailing from Luxor to Aswan over 5 nights and 6 days. This is a private chartered boat exclusive for our group. Along the journey we will visit various sacred sites and temples.

What’s Included:

  • Airport Transfer Upon Arrival
  • 8 Nights in 5-Star Hotels
  • 5 Night Nile Cruise on traditional Egyptian River Boat
  • Domestic Airfare (Cairo to Aswan & Luxor to Cairo)
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • Private Transport for all excursions
  • Entry Fees to all Temples and Sacred Sites
  • Egyptian Museum Entrance Fee
  • Private Access to the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Private Access to the Sphinx
  • Private Access to The Temple of Isis, Philae Island
  • Access to Karnak Temple & Sekhmet’s Sanctuary, Luxor
  • Visit to Denderah Temple (Hathor’s Temple)
  • Visit to Abydos Temple
  •  Entrance Fee to Valley of the Kings
  • Entrance Fee to Valley of the Queens
  • Airport Transfer Upon Departure
  • Guided Morning Practices
  • All Workshops and Sessions

What’s Not Included:

Airfare to & from Cairo, Egypt
Optional Laundry Service
Optional Travel Insurance
Tip for our guide
PCR Tests as required for entry
PCR Tests as required for Departure – $120


DATES: DECEMBER 10-23, 2021
Now accepting applications until october 17, 2021
We have limited spots for this pilgrimage and offer priority to the students of the Mystery School of the Rose. If you feel the call, we welcome you to join us!


Double Occupancy
$7,444 USD

Single Occupancy
$8, 888 USD this includes single occupany in all hotels (8 nights); this does not include single occupancy on the dahabiya, nile boat cruise (5 nights)

***initial deposit non-refundable

please inquire for payment plan options


Preparing for your trip and things to note regarding COVID-19

You will need a negative PCR test certificate for Covid-19 taken a maximum of 72 hours before your flight departure. If your returning country requires a PCR test you will have the opportunity to receive a test (at extra cost) prior to your departure. Once you have applied and been accepted to join us on this journey we will send you a link to purchase an appropriate travel insurance for the trip.