reigniting the path of your heart

Meet the mysteries of the rose, invite her frequency of masterful, abundant grace into your life and step into the confident, embodied, divine feminine Being that you are here to be and shine.

The path of the rose is the path of the heart. One of unwavering trust, devotion and love. Now more than ever, humanity is being asked to remember the way of the heart and make the radical shift from the head to the heart. To trust once more in the intuitive directive of the inner sanctuary of our heart center, our holy of holies, our adytum.

The time of relentless effort to achieve, accomplish, compete, anxiety, and burn-out is over; there is another way, there is a better way, there is a much easier and softer way. A way where when we become still enough, relax deeply enough and listen, we can gracefully receive the abundance of the universe that has always existed and simply awaits your invitation.

There is another way, it is the way of the heart. It is not only available to you, but it is urgently beckoning to be remembered by you so we can steward in a new way and a new time together. A time that is not only filled with grace, love, and compassion but also firm in knowing exactly who we are, what we are and our service. The rose offers us a map, a blueprint to awaken the confidence and courage we need to speak our Truth, be our Truth and live our Truth.

The Radiance of the Rose is a journey to reignite the path of the heart and remember the heart template: how to live graciously and abundantly in oneness with Creation. In this masterclass series, we will meet the mysteries of the rose and unfurl into our own potential by activating the rose codes within. Each colour of the rose holds unique sacred teachings to support you in stepping into your loving yet firm avatar of mastery.

I am thrilled to express my deep gratitude to Bianca for the profound journey I experienced during the 3-days Radiance of the Rose Masterclass.  From the moment I connected with Bianca's radiant energy, I felt a resonant calling to explore the divine feminine essence through connecting with the rose, in which I encountered a loving ally, supporting my inner truth and spiritual connection. The initiation into the way of the rose was a transformative experience. I am truly grateful for Bianca's grace and the invaluable gift of this masterclass, which has left a mark on my heart. I am excited to share the new gained wisdom and to see the transformative rose´s magic unfold. 

Thank you, Bianca, for guiding with authenticity and compassion.



WHAT: 3Three-sessions with Bianca Kempe (2-hours each); recorded and available on an online classroom portal/ temple

HOW: Go at your own pace; recommended one class / day

PRICE: $55 USD for the entire masterclass series


  • The rose has been summoning you, showing up in synchronicities you can no longer ignore.
  • You are ready to invite the rose in as a guide, teacher, and ally on your divine feminine journey.
  • You want to activate your divine channel and receive the cosmic codes waiting for you.
  • You're committed to deepening your journey on the heart path, aligning with the principles of your own inner truth and the divine feminine.
  • You're prepared to let go of parts of yourself that are hindering the full blossoming of your inner rose, a key aspect of divine feminine awakening.
  • You're seeking new inspiration to guide and uplift your 2024, to support you in living the beauty way, embracing your power, and embodying the divine feminine.
  • You're ready to step into the mystery school realms, enhancing your human experience with the wisdom of ancient mystery teachings.


live your most radiant self

Day I

Introduction to the Rose

  • The Rose: the mysteries of the rose, the frequency of the rose, a symbol and guide of divine femininity, presence, the heart path and leadership in the golden age
  • The Pink Rose: opening your heart, honouring and practicing self-love, believing in yourself, the art of devotion, resting deeply to receive, receiving the abundance of the universe, embodying 'the beauty way'

Day II

Reigniting the Path of your Heart

  • The Yellow Rose: clearing and purifying your vessel through forgiveness of self and others, surrendering to life
  • Working with the practice of Forgiveness to reclaim all parts of ourselves back to wholeness


Stepping into the Divine Feminine

  • The White Rose: exploring the ancient mystery school teachings of death, the final soma towards inner peace, self-knowledge
  • The Red Rose: recognizing our potential as embodied masters, activating our sovereignty, inner power and strength, turning on our confidence, radiating our royalty, action and service
  • Remembering the Rose: trusting in the abundance of the universe, awakening your divine feminine leadership


  • Three pre-recorded sessions with Bianca Kempe (6-8 hours of session)
  • In each class, we will dive into the various topics described above and will conclude with an embodiment practice to awaken and activate the rose codes within you
  • Three PDFs (slideshow slides) with the summary of the content and teachings of each day
  • 20+ page Radiance of the Rose manual
  • Daily 'heart works' or sacred tasks which support the activation and embodiment of the teachings.
  • Access to recordings for three months post-workshop dates
  • Recorded Daily Morning Ritual to continue integrating the teachings after our time together

hi i'm Bianca

A great teacher once told me: “life is a 12-inch journey, from the head to the heart,” and this is the journey I have been on ever since, fully committed to be a true expression of my heart.

I am passionate about awakening the divine feminine energies on our planet by embodying a lifestyle of devotion, trust, and study of the mystical and magical AND guiding those who are ready back to their own intuition, heart and soul.

I have been guiding transformational retreats, events and experiences for the last eight years working with various practices including yoga, breath, singing, movement, sacred ceremonies, plant medicines and more. I am mama and creatrix of the Mystery School of the Rose, a  community for women who remember their place in the temple, of devotion, service and divine feminine leadership.

"It is my great honour to support you on your path to self-discovery, to liberation, to sovereignty. On this journey you will be given the tools and guidance to reconnect with who you truly are, with your soul, with your heart, with your intuition." - Bianca

if you have any questions feel free to connect here ♡