Mystery School of the Rose


Thank you for trusting your knowing and arriving here, in this space – of grace, love and remembrance. 

The Mystery School of the Rose is an ancient mystery school that honours the remembrance and teachings of the Divine Feminine, the way of the Heart and the path of human evolution. 

In its present form, the teachings have arrived once more to support the awakening of the Divine Feminine energies and the ongoing collective ascension process on our Earth Mother, Gaia.

For many years the TRUTH has been forgotten, hidden or manipulated, and, the time has come to remember. 

We have all come, arrived back on this earth to remember ourselves as whole and holy as those priestesses and priests, star seeds, beings of light who have kept the Truth alive, generation after generation, millennium after millennium.At moments in secrecy, ‘Keepers of the Christ Light’, a thread that has persevered even beyond the days of Christ – with a deep knowing of the sacred, divinity, Earth Mother, ascension, heart and rituals to remember, and embody again the divine Christ/ Krishna/Buddha consciousness that lives at the core of our essence and being. 

It is our time to fully re-align with the divine cosmic source that flows through all life and remember the infinite nature that we are. 

The Mystery School of the Rose has been alive within many ascended civilizations, cultures and pre-history cultures since the beginning of time, including: Mū, Atlantis, Lemuria, Sumeria, Nakkal, Essene, and star beings from both Sirius and Pleiades. 

The original Sisterhood of the Rose, whom founded the Mystery School of the Rose, was part of the first star beings who arrived on our Earth many years ago, at the beginning of time, zep tepi. Arriving in high vibrational form, almost translucent in colour, descending down from the stars in a spiralling circle they landed on Earth Mother; pure, bliss, grace, peace, joy – THE SOPHIA. 

Since then, the wisdom which is Sophia (the divine feminine aspect of the Logos), has sustained her vibrational-potential of divinity in the adytum (sacred heart temple) of men and women purest of heart. Whilst the the natural ebbs and flows of TIME unfold this reality as we now know it, this seed of truth has been quietly nurtured and passed down orally, in sacred text and vibrationally through advanced technologies.

Today, the Sisterhood of the Rose is remembering herself. You, reading this, are remembering yourself as part of this circle and you’ve known this deep within for a long time – – – hello again. Welcome back home (rose)

This human life may seem challenging at times, but we have arrived, we have come and it is time for the Light to prevail- it is time for JOY, for FREEDOM, for SOVEREIGNTY, PEACE, and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to reign. It is now safe to allow these codes of light that we have been holding so sacred within us for millenniums to blossom. It is safe to embody them, be them, share them, and spread this Christic Light with the World to support the evolution of humanity and the rising of consciousness. 

We are still in the circle, holding hands, standing tall, and this time, gracefully ascending in perfect spiral into higher realms of consciousness along with those who choose to wake up and come along. The time is now, we are here and we have come.

The Mystery School of the Rose is, one of several, schools and sisterhoods that birthed from the original Sisterhood of the Rose as a way to persevere the teachings, beyond time and space, so YOU, priestesses and light workers can encounter this tangible temple and remember. In one heartbeat- something deep within is awakened and the way, the heart, the rose, is activated and the fire of curiosity, passion, remembering and knowing leads you further. 

In 2020, I had a divine experience and received the archive of the Mystery School of the Rose through a ceremony with Grandmother plant medicine Ayahuasca. I remembered many things and was given the choice and opportunity to land this work, to anchor, make real in this human life, this work. I said YES – and such, here I am, here we are. 

The school centres around working with rituals and a technology called HEKA, an ancient Egyptian word that quite literally means, m a g i c, to open portals of high vibrational light. Through this work, through entering into these ceremonial spaces together, we unlock a cascade of experiences that allow us to:


This is the formula. When we remember we are divine the rest of the steps unlock automatically because when we experience ourselves as the embodiment of the DIVINE, lower vibratory emotions like self doubt, fear, self-consciousness, and negativity dissolve since they can not exist in the new field of vibration that has been embodied. The latter four steps of the process unfold as a result. Eventually, the objective and aim is to rise into our confident, embodied, GODDESS selves so we can step into our role as leaders of the Golden Age.

As of this day, the rituals we work with find their origins from the Temple of Isis and her Initiatory Mystery School; which can also be traced back to the original Sisterhood of the Rose. Over time, many schools, lineages, teachings and brother/sisterhoods emerged to preserve the sacred knowledge; thus we have so many different ‘schools of remembering’ resurfacing at this time. The divinity capsule of time has opened and the information of these teachings, of ascension, liberation, unity consciousness, is now available in a field of vibration that we can all tune into and remember ourselves in.

In our modern day, the Mystery School of the Rose is a beautiful community of women all around the world. The ‘inner-circle training’ is a virtual seven month, seven moon, seven gate journey with two in-person reunions of sacred prayer and pilgrimage (these locations vary based on where we need to be; up to present time we have been working predominantly in Egypt, South France and Costa Rica). Through sacred ritual, ceremony, h e k a, prayer, song, reconnecting to Earth Mother and our origins in the Stars, purification rites, study, sacred pilgrimage, and working with plant medicine teacher, Grandmother Ayahuasca, we remember our truth, essence, and origin. This is no claim that this is THE ANSWER, rather if you feel aligned in remembrance to this work, the school can offer a supportive container to guide you on your journey of awakening and remembering. 

Alas, here is a short version of our work, our origins and the intention this work holds: our inner reclamation of Divinity and the ripple effects this work has on collective consciousness. 

Aho, Sat Nam, Namaste, Haux Haux