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Awaken your divine feminine heart

A 3-part mini-series


  • 3 videos | 1 video/day for three days
  • 22-page PDF filled with juicy content and inspiration to awaken your divine feminine heart
  • bonus 15-minutes guided morning meditation

The divine feminine is the expression of your heart, and she has a voice that is ready to be heard! Are you ready to take the journey to reunite with your authentic expression, your true essence, your voice, and your heart?

"It is my great honour to support you on your path to self-discovery, to liberation, to sovereignty. On this journey you will be given the tools and guidance to reconnect with who you truly are, with your soul, with your heart, with your intuition." - Bianca

hi i'm Bianca

A great teacher once told me: “life is a 12-inch journey, from the head to the heart,” and this is the journey I have been on ever since, fully committed to be a true expression of my heart.

I am passionate about awakening the divine feminine energies on our planet by embodying a lifestyle of devotion, trust, and study of the mystical and magical AND guiding those who are ready back to their own intuition, heart and soul.

I have been guiding transformational retreats, events and experiences for the last eight years working with various practices including yoga, breath, singing, movement, sacred ceremonies, plant medicines and more. I am mama and creatrix of the Mystery School of the Rose, a  community for women who remember their place in the temple, of devotion, service and divine feminine leadership.

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