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Hello sweet sisters and brothers,

Each year, I open the doors of my inner temple to welcome a select few into my one-on-one mentorship program. This sacred space is for those who are ready and fully committed to their path of self-discovery and transformation. If you hear the call and are prepared to embark on this profound journey, adorned with customized guidance, unwavering support, attentive nurturing, and sincere accountability, I invite you to step forward.

Two Unique Avenues of Discovery

I offer two distinct but equally profound avenues of mentorship:

☥   Initiatory Path of the Priestess: Embark on a sacred journey into the heart of ancient mysteries. This path, akin to the wisdom imparted at the Mystery School of the Rose, is a tiered exploration into the depths of your spiritual essence and unfolds in three levels. 

☥   Soul-Coaching: This approach is a soulful journey into self-knowledge, empowerment, and heart connection. Designed for those seeking a more versatile path, it also progresses through three levels:

My mentorship offerings are an invitation to a life lived fully, passionately, and with purpose. It’s about discovering the magic in every moment and embracing the life you were meant to live .If you feel the call and are prepared for a transformational journey with customized guidance, support, attention, and accountability, I invite you to join me. Your path to self-discovery, liberation, and sovereignty awaits.

I look forward to meeting you and walking this path forward, hand in hand and heart to heart.

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