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I recently landed back in my home in the sacred mountains of Costa Rica, and feeling a slow return to myself. I’ve been away from home for just over one month, beginning with Envision and then a trip to Canada to visit with my dear and growing family.

Big exhale, as I return to spaciousness for myself to simply BE.

So much around this eclipse is coming up and I wanted to share some words about how we can all best navigate this eclipse window. Yes, what you are feeling is very real, and we may all, at varying degrees, be affected and moved by the astrological currents. Eclipses are opportunities for transformation, for transmutation, growth and expansion. I can only talk from my personal experience, but WOW am I being moved. So, with this rose-letter, I want to share more about the eclipse energies and how we can best navigate this moment.

Yesterday a tiny hummingbird bumped into my window, so I hurried out to see if she (maybe it was male, I am not sure) was OK and took her into my hands. Birds are always such powerful messengers for me, so as I sat there I poured love through my hands and into the tiny hummingbird body. I began to ask her who she was, and questioned immediately, ‘Thoth?’ (as Thoth was my last bird visitor). I felt a clear presence and voice say, “I am Mother Mary”. This brought so much love and lightness to my heart, I sat there with her and just received the blessings. I asked about this upcoming eclipse to which I heard:

“Dear one, just breathe.

EXTRA EXTRA self-care, be overly COMPASSIONATE with yourself and SLOW IT ALL DOWN.

This eclipse is a strong one

You will be moved like you are in a washing machine

BUT it will not be more than you can handle, simply breathe through it, and know that the intensity will pass.

There is a massive energetic upgrade happening; you are letting go of that which no longer serves you (vibrationally, habits, beliefs, programs, people etc) to make space for a high frequency light which is currently landing on our planet; Christ Light.

Make these days spacious for presence, reflection and for yourself.

Say no to routine, and honour the NOW, the very needs of your NOW moment.

Let is all happen, be the witness.

Never be afraid for it is in your brave heart that we will create a new world together.

I love you very much”

This transmission proceeded with the warmest and coziest blanket of light rose pink light shimmering all around me; feeling deeply held, nourished, protected and loved by the Divine Mother. Moments later the hummingbird flew away and I laid my hand on my heart in gratitude.

‘Washing Machine; o NO’, I thought to myself. But hey, aren’t we all here for this (moment of awakening); this is what we have been preparing for, and it certainly won’t arrive in a way that is familiar to us or that we can imagine. We’ve been preparing for the unknown and here it is. It’s not about what happens it’s about what we do with what happens. This inner journey, learning, growing, connecting with our Soul, it has all been to support our laser centerdness when things get weird, unfamiliar or uncomfortable. The light is expanding onto our planet and we are ready for it, inviting it in with steadfast open arms and an open heart. All across our divine Earth Mother we are doing this work and passing this passage together; we are not alone in this mission. You have a network of light workers around you and we are all here for this.

This present eclipse moment is intense, but we are all here for it. Embrace the uncomfortable, be overly tender and compassionate with yourself, allow plenty of time and space for you to simply BE- this is a moment to be conscious. To be here and now, aware and awake.

Yesterday, was the first day of my green juice fast and something peculiar happened- I felt called to do an inner clean up of my body in preparation for the eclipse. I am familiar with fasting and do so few times each year as a good clean up for my vessel, just like you would bring your car into the shop for a tune up or check up. I have experienced many things while fasting, however, last night I experienced something I never have – a subtle headache was present most of the day and then in the evening I got nauseous and achey; it truly felt like I was being hit by a truck. I breathed deeply and reminded myself of sweet Mother Mary’s words just hours before: ‘you will feel like you are in a washing machine but remember: this too shall pass, and it will never be more than what you can handle.’ So I breathed and eventually had a massive release from my mouth (not sure how to make this sound elegant; don’t quite think there is a way to do so); accompanied by loud sounds and in that moment I realized I was letting go of some deep stuff. The sounds I was making was much alike to the sound commonly associated to the purging process when working with a plant teacher called Yaje (a variety of Ayahuasca) – and when the purge comes you know you are doing a deep inner cleanup; ancestral, lineage, karmic.

I am sharing this, because for many of us, this eclipse is showing up in physical ways.

Love your body, tend to your sweet vessel, get quiet and ask questions: existential questions, simple questions…question everything and listen for the answers as they come from inside of you. Know that everything will be OK and when the body speaks we simply need to slow down and listen…

You may be asking, why are we feeling this eclipse so strong? The more self-aware and sensitive we become, the more we may experience these portals of transformation. We are simply attuned and in tune with what is actually going on. It doesn’t make us less, better, or weaker than, we simply are ready for what is to come and open for the upgrades.

Let us all remember we are living through some of the most miraculous times – you, me, we chose this moment in time to incarnate and we all have what it takes, the trust, strength and courage to show up fully embodied in love and bliss for whatever is to come. Sending you all waves of unconditional love. May all that no longer serves you wash gracefully from you, pearl off of you like the dew droplets on a rose petal, so you, me, we can blossom into our radiance together. We need we to be embodied and clear, remembered in our divinity and courageously dance with our open hearts through life.

“This life is a miracle, here to be lived by all of YOU.

You are the miracle, here to be the sparkle of the divine

Here to remind humanity,

That we are all the miracle.”

With love and a tender embrace,


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