The Here & Now

With the blessings of this New Moon we find ourselves, once again, at the threshold of a fresh cycle. Fortified in body, mind and spirit to keep creating in life and nourishing our dreams with aligned action.

Each day offers us the chance to infuse it with enthusiasm and curiosity —a chance to savour the preciousness of life. Imagine if it was the first day you opened your bright eyes to the light of life: How and what would you see? How would you approach it? What would you do and make of the day? On the contrary, If you knew this would be your very last day: How would you see it? How would you approach it? What would you do and make of the day?

The wise sages of the ages remind us of this simple truth, that life is NOW, the most important engagement we have is this very moment, the present moment. As a community that cherishes living life to the fullest and embraces curiosity to explore new and exciting paths, we’ve encountered this truth before. Maybe we’ve deeply internalized it at certain points in our lives, and perhaps some of us are fully immersed in it now. Yet, like many, we may find that this truth occasionally eludes us when we reflect on our day-to-day existence or take a moment to observe the thoughts swirling in our minds. It’s okay to admit that we sometimes lose sight of this truth. You’re not alone—I understand. Even as someone devoted to daily spiritual practices and routines for physical, emotional, and mental well-being, I, too, find that the essence of presence slips away from me at times.

In the days leading up to the new moon, I found myself entangled in the narratives of my mind, grappling with, justifying, and over complicating, only to be left feeling even more confused.

In these moments, I hold myself in deep compassion and caress the sweet little girl within who is simply trying her best, striving to navigate life’s twists and turns! I urge you to do the same with the little sweet one inside of you – we are always worthy of forgiveness and extra love and care, especially when clarity eludes you.

I’ve been nurturing myself with love, striving to zoom out from the chaos of the mind and embrace the magic of the present moment. The magic is now. Life is now. A dear friend once posed a profound question: What would you do today if it were your last day alive? It’s a question that now echoes in my heart, inspiring me to offer myself, once more, to the grace and abundance of the present moment.

It is all here and NOW.

Perhaps, like myself, you pressure yourself to make a decision. Often when we don’t know, it is because it simply isn’t time to know yet. So, how can we be at ease with not knowing, for now? What if we reframed all of this and instead redirected our energy from ‘trying to figure it out’ to surrendering and trusting the divine unfolding of life’s mysteries – simply BE-ing, present with life’s everyday blessings and simple gifts?

I feel blessed to have my beloved’s grandmother visiting us in Costa Rica at this moment. She has been a source of grace and inspiration in my life for almost ten years. Her embodiment of pure, graceful, and humble presence serves as the most profound teaching. When you have 87 years of life experience behind you and wake up each day with joy, light, and enthusiasm shining in your eyes, along with robust health and vigor in your body, you must be doing something right! So, here I am, once again a student, learning from her graceful ways. What a precious gift life has bestowed upon me.

I wish you all the sweetest most loving New Moon in Taurus today. Let us rekindle our love affair with life itself and enjoy the radiance and magic of each present moment.

Shall we dance to the rhythms of life together?

This is the energy of the new moon tonight!

See you on the dance floor of life, dear ones! May we awaken each day with the same zest and enthusiasm as my grandmother-in-law.

With love and light,


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