Venus Star Point

The planet Venus paints a perfect five-petaled star, a rose, as she moves rhythmically through her celestial trajectory in the night sky. She is the Queen, Goddess, and Priestess of the night sky.

In the Roman pantheon, Venus is the Goddess of love ❤️ and as I collapse the multitude of pantheons across times and ages, in my heart she is also Aphrodite, she is also Isis! 🪽

Today marks a significant moment, known as Venus Star Point, which symbolizes her journey coming full circle, one that began four years ago. If you’ve read my previous rose letters, I shared that a four year cycle I have personally been living is also coming to a close- and the heart of these last four years has been the birthing of the Mystery School of the Rose, a mystery school for priestesses who remember their place in the temple. This galactic blueprint entered into my consciousness during a ceremony with grandmother Ayahuasca followed by a life changing counselling of 33 women in the sacred lands of Costa Rica, atop the highest waterfall in the country, where we entered into the first remembered Temple of Isis Ritual ⭐️

🥹 Yes, exactly four years ago today.

So much became clear when I learned that Venus is closing one celestial rose loop to begin yet another, on this new moon in Gemini! I smile with my heart filled with tender magic as I, once again, witness God’s perfect design revealed.

I am currently writing to you thousands of meters in the sky, on route to Colombia where the great medicines of the Earth have summoned me once again. 

So here I am, a story that began in September 2023 when I was on a pilgrimage in Avalon while my partner was in Colombia on his own pilgrimage with the Taitas in Putumayo. In that moment I felt the family he was with, a family of shamans, circulate around me, chanting, singing, praying and showing me that our prayers are the same; a prayer to reignite Christ consciousness on our earth. I was moved so deeply and a seed was planted that I would go visit this family one day, very soon. Eight months later, here I am on the plane en route to what I can only describe as a feeling of coming home… 

The last months have been a beautiful clearing and making space- all timelines collapsing, letting go, reorienting so that I can arrive to this moment, this node in my cosmic weaving of life!!! 

EEEEE I am filled with nerves, trust, gratitude and a deep deep connection to the divine mother, unconditional love; a force that rushes through me assuring me that I am held by my beloved, the infinite, universe, the force and field of love itself.

Om Namah Shivaya 🙏

I ask for you prayers as I enter into the mystery school of the jungle and into the embrace of the wisdom keepers of ancient knowledge. I know deep within that this is a significant node on my dharmic path. Through embodying the medicine of courage I am initiated to continue showing up as a voice for the new earth 🌍 , as love.

💌 I invite any resonating messages of love my way ❤️

As I share my reflections, let me remind you I am not unique here! We are all experiencing the Venus Star point and thus all have the chance to receive the mystical and magical alive in this time. I’d love to invite you to reflect upon where you were four years ago? It’s indeed an opportunity to rebirth ourselves with sovereign and clear choice to be reborn in highest alignment with our soul purpose, with our heart ❤️

My dears with all my love! AND before I leave, a reminder, Temple Priestess- is in the process of being edited and prepared right now for launch!!! My prayer is that on the solstice we open our doors for enrolment to this wow so potent journey of transformation through the seven gates of initiation ⭐️

Join the wait list here 🌹

With love and light


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