An Introduction to the Founder of the School

Hello dear earth angels

I want to introduce myself here 🌹

My name is Bianca and I am blessed to live in the sacred mountains of Costa Rica, in the land of Mū. I live here with my beloved @loveisthejourney and together we rise with the sun, strengthen our minds through our practice, move our bodies, nourish with the food of the land, spend copious of time in nature, laying and musing on the rocks in the river, playing and composing music, gathering in playful fun with our community and spending time each day on the computer, creating, writing, connecting, sharing, teaching with our online communities! 

I am a Priestess and Oracle of the New Earth and I am here to live my life in magic; as an offering to the Divine. I am here to awaken magic in the hearts of humanity through the way of the Heart and the path of the Rose 🌹.

I am here to BE love; to be LOVE in every moment. To be of service to the beautiful beings in my life and to those who enter into my field. I am here to serve through my presence and transmission of all the blessings, remembering and knowledge I am filled with. 

I live here, in the lands of Lemuria, to bathe in the vibration of my heritage, which is the union of the stars and the earth. I am here to remember Heaven and Earth together and to bridge the magic of the twinkling stars into the hearts of humanity. 

I am most alive when I can support others back to the magic that awaits them within 🪽through my offerings both online and in-person. I love to share the path & experience of awakening in magical retreats and I absolutely LOVE guiding women and men on pilgrimage, to journey into the mystery and encounter the Great Mother herself, so they too can discover their own innate truth, their own divinity.

I love being steeped in deep devotion and service to the divine. To offer to the divine my voice, songs, prayers, dance and creative expression! Sisterhood is a precious gem 💎 in my heart. Love and loving with my beloved is everything. Communion with my Soul is my Gift. 

I am a Priestess of the New Earth. 

I am Oracle.

I am Love.

This is an invitation to connect with me, introduce yourself and share here who you are? 

With Love, Bianca Kempe

because it’s simply time to remember who we are


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