One of the greatest Mystery Teachings | on fear, death and unconditional love

Yesterday, kissed by the winter solstice sunrise, a profound phrase echoed through my ears: ‘Are you going to let Fear stop you from living?’ a phrase which seemed to perfectly summarize the theme of the following paper I had been preparing:


My journey into the mysteries of life and death began with an encounter with grandmother plant medicine. The experience unlocked doors to past lifetimes, revealing the divine tapestry of my eternal nature. It was a profound awakening and revelation, one that expanded my consciousness and dissolved the smallness of my previous self-perceptions. In that moment, I realized my true essence as an eternal being, transcending the physical bounds of life and the illusion of death. 

This encounter reshaped my reality and was my initiation into the house of the Mystery School. Since then, my path has been enriched by the Eleusinian Mysteries, Mary Magdalene’s teachings, the divine presence of Mother Mary, Master Toad, the Mystery Teachings of Goddess Isis and more recently, the Osirian Mysteries. Each experience cascading into the next, creating a map of understanding and insight.

In exploring these mysteries, the central theme emerged: 

When we overcome the fear of death and dying, we become liberated beings. Since the fear of death is at the root of all fears, when we begin to dismantle, understand and accept death, we free ourselves from the constraints that fear imposes on us, allowing us to live more fully and purposefully. 

To illustrate how this teaching transforms into practical application, I recall a profound encounter with Mother Mary, where I was guided to understand the power of choice and the transformative nature of unconditional love. During this encounter, Mother Mary illuminated that I have the sovereignty to direct my focus and energy on whatever I choose. She revealed that when I concentrate on unconditional love, it can transcend and transform any sensation, even the most overwhelming fear, into its essence – pure, unconditional love. In this moment, I learned that if we trace any experience or emotion back to its origin, we invariably return to love, including the fear of death.

Last year, as I meditated in the healing room of Abydos, I had a beautiful encounter with Osiris, which offered yet another perspective on this theme. Here is a summary of our conversation:

“Oh dear Osiris,

You look me in the eyes with great demeanour, perhaps to intimidate me?

Thank you; I have been preparing for this moment many lives, and I am unmoved, calm and confident.

I see you, eye to eye.

Osiris smiles and speaks: “You have passed the first passage.

Hello again.”

All of my experiences thus far have contributed to show me that freeing ourselves from the fear of death is key to embracing our divine nature. Our choice to focus on unconditional love, even amidst the most trying situations, will transmute anything and everything back into its source freqeuncy, unconditional love.

This journey continues to unfold, each step deepening my understanding and connection to the eternal dance of life and death, fear and love.

Bianca Kempe


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