Winter Solstice 2023

Holding a gentle prayer in my heart for peace and unconditional love.

For the stars above to shine upon on our earth mother, so we can remember our true star-y once more. 

For rose consciousness to awaken in all hearts, expanding our capacity to be and hold the frequency of unconditional love. 

For compassion, grace, understanding, patience, courage, faith and truth to awaken in all hearts. 

Today we transition from “Darkness’ into the ‘Light’, living the longest night and shortest day (for those of us in the northern hemisphere). We celebrate ‘The Night of the Mother’, and honour everything we have lived, let go of, and surrendered to this year, especially these last few months. As we now stand naked, like a tree that has lost all its leaves, we are ready. Perhaps ready to remain in stillness, yet knowing that spring is coming. We can begin to imagine the year ahead, what SEEDS are we planting, how are we serving collective consciousness this coming year?

In ancient Egyptian mythology, today we celebrate the day of Isis’s immaculate conception. Osiris’s SEED of infinite creation within Isis’s womb 🌹(Osiris not only being the God of the underworld but also the God of agriculture).

What SEEDS are we planting? What SEEDS are you planting? What tree will grow from your sowing? What legacy are you leaving?

As I watched the sunrise on this special winter solstice, upon the majestic sun and moon pyramids of Teotihuacan, I was brought back to a silent stillness within and a sweet surrendering into the present moment. As I walked through the temple grounds and connected to this space of ritual, devotion, and remembering I began to imagine what once was – a site of pilgrimage where initiates would go through the ritual rites and remember their own divinity, becoming God.

Teotihuacan = where man becomes God

I feel gratitude for those before us who remembered and left us precious clues so we too can remember. 

The power of prayer.

The power of ritual.

The power of devotion.

The power of the divine. 

With Love, Bianca Kempe

Rose devotee, priestess of the Temple of Isis, pilgrim of love, and ritual artist.

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