Dancing with Shadows: Embracing the Dark Goddess in Eclipse Season 🌘

In these times, our collective heart seems to reverberate with the echoes of a world undergoing significant change. Amidst this backdrop of external upheavals, we are graced with powerful cosmological events that offer us insights and deeper understanding: the recent new moon and solar eclipse on Saturday, intertwined with the commencement of Navratri on Sunday.

Happy Navratri 

Navratri, the annual nine-day celebration of the Goddess Durga and her many forms, is currently unfolding. Goddess Durga, powerful and protective, stands as a beacon of the divine feminine energy. Often depicted riding a lion or tiger, she represents the eternal fight against the forces of evil, reminding us of our innate strength and resilience. Her name, which translates to ‘a fort’ in Sanskrit, epitomizes her nature – invincible and unyielding.

What a potent and divine time for Durga to bless us. We can meditate on her, feel her, and connect with her to remember our inner strength as we traverse our shadows. Yesterday, Rose sister, Anais, and I shared our second episode “River of Rose Consciousness” where we discussed working with the ‘dark goddess’ to support us when times call for deeper introspection. Durga radiates many aspects of the dark goddess and can graciously support us through times when cosmic events like the eclipse can shake things up. In this episode, we delve into how we can work with her, the dark goddess, where ‘dark’ truly just implies ‘depth’, a beckoning to go deeper. At the episode’s culmination, I guide a short meditation that invites you to meet and connect with the dark goddess yourself.

Eclipses, like magnifying glasses, tend to amplify energies and lay bare what has been tucked away, longing for resolution. I too have felt the shadows ascend, but instead of recoiling, I view this as a dance with the dark goddess. She reaches out, inviting us into an embrace, an opportunity to understand ourselves more deeply. By shining light upon these ‘shadows’, we free ourselves.

The external chaos paired with inner upheavals can be overwhelming. I understand this, as I too am navigating these waters. Yet, in these times, it becomes even more pivotal for us to lean into profound self-love, carving out moments of solitude and nourishment. To be empowered pillars in this time, we must tend to our garden with extra care, devotion, and love.

These days, I’ve been striving for extreme ownership in my life, pushing towards becoming the finest version of myself. This involves nourishing my body through proper movement, hydration, and the right foods; spending time in nature, and dedicating time to my daily practice of devotion. In the Mystery School of the Rose, we engage in a ‘PPP’ – our Priestess Purification Plan. This is our daily sadhana, our spiritual practice – 15 minutes every morning to recalibrate, connect, and return to our heart space.


Guided Contemplations for This Season:

Daily Alignment: What is your daily practice to connect, empower, and align? (If guidance is needed, I’d be thrilled to share a morning practice with you.)

Journey to Vibrancy: How do you ensure that you are progressing towards being your most radiant, healthful self?

Temple Plan: How are you nourishing your body, soul, and surroundings? (Think food, movement, sunlight, nature. How about refreshing your home or rearranging your altar?)

Connect with Durga: How can you channel Durga’s energy to fortify your spirit and stand resiliently amid the world’s chaos? (For those interested, I can offer a cherished mantra to foster this connection.)


Remember, by shining light on our shadows and aligning with divine energies like Durga’s, we not only heal ourselves but also contribute to the collective healing of our world.

These times are opportunities for profound growth and connection. This is the time to fertilize our soil, in the darkness, under the earth, and as we nourish and tend to our soil we prepare the ground for the eventual emergence of a radiant, healthy rose to blossom. As our roots grow deeper our tree of light can grow bigger and brighter.

With Love & Light,


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