The Great Mother Goddess | Pilgrimaging through Crete

It has been one week since I have returned from my solo pilgrimage to Crete and I am continuing to let the experience land and integrate – the fullness of why and what exactly moved within me is a process that I am living and in witness of right now. I will be able to share more once I fully register the deeper workings.

For now…

I am feeling the remembrance of yet another civilization that is so clearly focused around a Mother Goddess. Perhaps due to studying ‘Goddess culture’ for some years now, this concept has become normalized for me. Yet, as I look around and see that systems built upon fear and control are still the reality for many, I realize and recognize another facet of the importance of this work.

As I ‘pilgrimage’ I continue to discover civilizations from 5000, 10000 and more years ago that were highly developed in their spirituality, arts, and deeply connected to the earth and their own interconnectedness with all things. 

There was harmony and there was joy.

These cultures and civilizations all honoured a Great Mother Goddess and daily life was in ritual, in worship and in prayer, all the time. Perhaps by revisiting and reliving these timelines something within is remembered and deeper permission to embody the sacred divine feminine in her wholeness and purity can come online. I return with a feeling of encouragement and support to continue believing, living and sharing (with evidence of his-tory) my personal calling to work with the rising of the divine feminine energies and fascination of Goddess culture. 

I have lived so much of my recent years in deepest trust and presence of what is coming through me as a divine channel and at the end of our Egypt pilgrimage last year I had a strong calling to ‘ground’ more of the information I am receiving, backing it with cultural heritage and even science. 

Perhaps I walk these lands as evidence that there was a time when beauty, balance, harmony, abundance, creative expression, joy and right living with self, other and nature was everybody’s reality. 

Perhaps I walk this path as a steward of change, taking one step at a time towards bringing our culture, civilization, society back into balance and harmony. 

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