The Minoan Goddess Culture

Many Blessings from the sacred island, Crete in Greece. I am coming to the close of a three week journey in this magical country and while I am sad I am met with joy to reunite with my beloved in our home in Costa Rica. I am excited to tune in with you all and share a small update about the world, wonders of life and the inspirations that have landed in my heart through my soul-pilgrimage here.

Are you familiar with the place Crete? Have you heard of it before? 

Crete is the largest Greek island and is rich with culture and stories of an ancient civilization that reigned 1000s of years in peace, prosperity and love. One that was devoted to earth, sky, animals, art, the divine in all things and the reverence and worship of a Mother Goddess. Two years ago I came across an image of the Minoan Snake Goddess of Crete and something deep within me activated. A surge of curiosity to study the ‘Minoan civilization’ that lived and reigned on the island Crete over 7,000 years ago! My studies led me to discover so much magic and power; mostly a deep longing to walk the lands of Crete awakened in me and to remember through pilgrimage the essence of the Minoans. 

Two years later after hosting a beautiful divine Goddess Retreat in Peloponnese, Greece, I continued solo to CRETE – I am writing to you from the very east tip of the island, Kato Zakros, a windy, mysterious yet absolutely charming little place where I am hours away from packing up and completing my journey in Crete- homeward bound.

I feel an inspiration to share with all of you, beautiful community, and I want to begin by saying thank you for being here. Thank you for your interest in following my journey, the work that births through me, my inspirations, musings and expression! I feel honoured to receive your time and energy to read what I have to share; thank you. 

I have been journeying for two weeks upon this island, visiting numerous sacred Minoan palaces and simply walking amongst the rubble that is left, allowing my steps to purify my mind so I can arrive at the destination that I prayed for———— presence.

When people ask me: what is pilgrimage? I intuitively and quickly respond: it is coming back home. For those of you who know my work around temple arts and ritual; the KEYS to all and any manifestation are intention and presence. When we arrive to sacred lands, having made the effort and journey to get to the destination, with an energy of reverence and curiosity, the magic has already been invited in. It is so simple, the mere effort and intention of discovery and transformation invites in the possibility of it. 

Of course, there are more layers to pilgrimage, including the joy of exploration, the power of prayer, and the new inputs that unlock inspiration. As I walk upon the rubble, explore caves of mystery, purify myself daily in the great sea of the Mediterranean, I learn about the world we inhabit but mostly I arrive back to a profound yet simple truth, one that I continue to arrive back to every time my intention orients towards the discovery of deeper Truth…

Are you ready?

EVERYTHING lives within each one of us- we are the eternal and infinite I AM PRESENCE. Carve out space (lot’s of space) daily to arrive back within yourself and you will find the treasure, there, patiently waiting for you to remember to look within. It’s a HUGE cosmic joke as I have found myself MANY times on similar missions, asking and asking Great Spirit to reveal her secrets to me – and every time she points her finger right back at me and whispers: there it is!

Of course, I have plenty to share about my journey and discoveries here on Crete, especially the power of the Goddess culture that lives and thrives and breathes through these lands. Perhaps the essence of reverence, devotion and ritual that the Minoans embodied so deeply is what I feel – witnessing a society that made their lives a living prayer —— and you may ask, why is this important?

To remember day in and day out, again and again, that the divine lives within us. To embody our divine knowing and nature so that from this place and space only beauty can birth. To be instruments of the divine, allowing the song of our soul to play through us. This was remembered here, this was lived here, this was the essence of culture in Minoan times. To pray together, through song, dance, and ritual, offering beauty to the divine and to the great mystery.

As I gazed at one of the excavated sculptures at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, I smile; witnessing ladies in dance, joyful, in circle, praying and celebrating life. In this moment, I giggle quietly to myself as I realize this is exactly what I LOVE and create in my world! My life, my offering of the Mystery School of the Rose is simple: to create a roadmap to remembrance so we can return to our joyful expression of source through the sacred vessels that we are and create, offer back to the divine beauty in all her forms. To land the sacred cosmos on our earth, the orbits of the stars and planets, the cycles of the moon, the light and wisdom of the sun onto our mother earth and weave the divine tapestry into wholeness. As we do, the collective is influenced and they too begin their remembering, a return back to all-knowing, to LOVE.

I rejoice this moment to share with all of you. To whomever this resonates with I am happy and for those whom it leaves questioning, let’s call this a time capsule that will unlock in the perfect moment.

I complete here and make a CALL to whomever feels inspired to join our upcoming 7-month initiatory journey of the Mystery School of the Rose which commences on the Fall Equinox, 2023.

With love and gratitude,


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