Reflections of 2022

wow- what a year it has been indeed! Congratulations to all of you, to me, for all the VICTORIES we have lived this 2022. For those who raised their hand up and said YES to their soul path this year, it has been nothing short of a massive quake, accelerating us on our spiritual path, bringing up big changes and challenges to face. The ascension process is very real and as we recognize TRUTH, we get swept up in the current of awakening and shaken so that all bits of ourselves which no longer serve us fall way, leaving us with the chance to discover anew who we truly are and see new possibilities and potential for our HU-MAN life.

2022 has most definitely been the most interesting year I have lived yet, in fact one of the most challenging years. As my sweet human self eagerly jumps up and down to expand with the wave of ascension, she also gets knocked around a bit to meet the level of vibration she desires (living many deaths and rebirths, letting go and detaching myself from everything that once held so much meaning to me). Not easy, but eventually worth it- the LIGHT of the big processes I have lived are felt inside and I am still patiently here observing how they reveal themselves in my life. Can you relate?

Prayer is real, expansion is real, transformation is real – this very unique and wild ride we are on is real and thank YOU ALL for saying YES, for jumping on this epic ride so we can continue anchoring light and love on our earth mother together.

what were your victories this 2022? mmm I’ve been asking myself the same thing and have written lists outlining what I am most proud of and happy for several times to honour my victories; to honour ME. It is truly SO nourishing to write this out and reflect on the tiny and big milestones of the past year – document it, honour it and make space for the magic that awaits in 2023!

Bianca’s 2022 Victories:

  1. Moved into a new home at the edge of our newly purchased property in Chirripo, Costa Rica
  2. Built a road on our sacred land, Mū Earth
  3. Hosted our families in Costa Rica
  4. Attended a retreat on the Spring Equinox guided by graduates of my school, The Mystery School of the Rose, and was a participant in one of my Temple of Isis rituals, for the first time
  5. Toured through Costa Rica sharing ‘The Way of the Rose Priestess Workshop’
  6. Learned from Shipibo Maistros Delsi and Fernando
  7. Deepened my relationship with plant medicine, Ayahuasca, participating in more ceremonies this year than I have in all my life
  8. Completed two 7-month Mystery School of the Rose leadership trainings and launched the third round in June. Cancelled the fourth training in September, following an impulse that changes is ahead and something new wants to be born through me; making space…
  9. Initiated 13 women to the Order of the Temple of Isis & the Sisterhood of the Rose
  10. Was present for both my sister and brother’s weddings in Canada
  11. Was present for the brith of my little nephew and little niece
  12. Co-created the most epic ‘Remembering Retreat’ with my sisters Sophia and Carla in Pelion, Greece
  13. Deepened in relationship with Magdalene and the Christ teachings by exploring the Languedoc Lands in Southern France
  14. Hosted a Magdalene Rose Pilgrimage over the Fall Equinox for the ladies from the Mystery School of the Rose
  15. Returned to India and received many gifts of awakening; saw and visited the Himalayas for the first time
  16. Hosted two beautiful sacred medicine retreats with my beloved in Spain AND sweet sister Luna and Freya
  17. Recorded my first original song, Temple Walls (coming soon)
  18. Nourished our love with my partner, Jose.
  19. Lead a group of beautiful light workers (students of the Mystery School of the Rose) on our third pilgrimage to Egypt, honouring the 12-12 portal at the Temple of Isis and the winter solstice in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza
  20. Deepened into loving friendship with some beautiful Souls

YUHUI – what are your VICTORIES for 2022?

I’ve been sharing day by day some of the main teachings I have received in 2022 with journal prompts to crystalize 2023, both on my Instagram and in my Facebook ground; and here they are altogether for you:


1. It all begins with YOU. Self Love and Self Care is at the seed of all things; how we choose to treat ourselves is a micro halogram of our macro reality. A conscious effort to create ample Space, Silence, Presence, Devotion and Compassion for ourselves will reflect itself in our world. There are many things in life we can control and many things we cant; choosing how to take care of ourselves is something we can control.

JOURNAL PROMPT: How am I creating a lifestyle of self love? What action am I taking daily, weekly, monthly and annually to tend to my own garden?


2. You have a unique song to sing in this lifetime and only you alone can sing it. Through your expression, in your creation, in your action you translate your divine song into form. The whole universe is waiting for you to shine your light so she can become whole again. Remember you are perfect, you are enough you are a divine star of the perfect constellation that is this life; each star needs to be turned on and shine brightly to see the constellation in its entirety. Remember how important it is for you to emanate your YOU-ness and be empowered to share yourself, unapologetically with the world. Your authenticity is the 🔑 key for your wholeness and for the wholeness of this world.

JOURNAL PROMPT: How can I give myself permission to grow into more of who I truly am? How can I share myself in a more authentic way? In what ways can I share my light with others? What is something I can do for myself to feel more empowered?


3. Stop 🛑 Thinking | the mind is a beautiful part of us and so shall be honoured AND sometimes, most often, it is the mind that keeps us from living in presence and thus from taking action (in-time)on the divine impulses that we receive. A practice to train the mind is key 🔑 for a happy life- committing to a daily practice that brings us closer in relationship and understanding with the mind results in living a peaceful and conscious life. Peaceful mind = peaceful life; Busy mind = busy life… All the magic of the universe resides within the depths of the present moment and this treasure can only be accessed when the mind quiets and we arrive fully in the here and now. Train the mind so that we can quiet it and arrive to the eternal garden of light- here ALL the answers reside, all the magic lives, and the purest joy of living is experienced.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What daily practice will I commit to this 2023 that brings me into closer relationship with my own mind? example: yoga, meditation practice, breath or pranayama practice, kundalini yoga, mantra singing…


4. ACTION | one of the most important steps and keys to manifestation is in our active participation with the universe to co-create our reality – through our action. We can create beautiful ritual and ceremony to call into form that which we desire; through our intention, presence and prayer we can harness all the right building blocks of creation together to create our desired reality – AND in order to ground it, anchor it, LAND it onto our three dimensional earth plane, we need to use our human vessels to move the energy of our desires into form, through our action. Similar to the beautiful teachings of the sacred rose, she reveals in every moment enough information for you to work with and not unless you take action upon what you know and feel she will not open the next petal. We are multi-dimensional beings and can imagine up infinite realities and possibilities, AND, again, to make it REAL, we must actively participate in landing the vision. We must DO, we must move our bodies to play out the reality into form, using our legs to move us where we might need to go, our hands to type an email, write a note, call someone, move our bodies – our participation IN ACTION is required. It is one of the seven Hermetic Laws, it is the essential teaching of the Rose, it is the key to manifestation… Landing our dreams into the 3D via action.

JOURNAL PROMPT: what are my dreams or vision for 2023? What action must I take to make them true? Write out at least 3-5 action steps for each of your 2023 visions that you will commit to – if possible, write a date beside each action item indicating when you will have this step done by.

Thank you all so much for your continuous enthusiasm to learn and grow- cheers to a beautiful, abundant, joyful and healthy 2023

with Love, Bianca Rose

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