stop thinking 🛑

‘stop thinking’ 🛑

This was one of the big teachings that I received while in India – all the stories one creates around ‘everything’

… it can all be so much simpler if we just quiet the continuos narrative that runs its course in the mind; an endless story about what??? 🐵🐒🙊

…all of it taking us away from what truly matters, the only thing that matters, the present moment.

The secret, the GOLD, the infinite, all that is… lives within this sacred now, PRESENT moment. STOP THINKING and you have arrived 🙏

I am grateful for the sweet, simple and profound truths that and were remembered while pilgrimaging in the mother land, India. Grateful for the inspiration and fire to go deeper, to commit even more fiercely to the ascension process we are living 🔥

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