Magdalene Rose Pilgrimage | Mystery School of the Rose Equinox Retreat 🌹 2022

Sacred Magdalene Rose Pilgrimage | Mystery School of the Rose Equinox Retreat 🌹 2022

simply a good-bye ‘for now’ —— beginning the reflections on a sweet sweet sweet week of sisterhood, sacred sites, ritual, magic, joy, dance, song, expansion, sunshine, rain, nourishment, wholesome and delicious food @lavaldieu brotherhood, plant medicine, nature, father sun, mother earth, sacred oak tree, peruvian indigenous wisdom & ritual, fairy forest adventures, caves, ruins, activations on all levels, shakti magic, shiva presence, prayer, and so much more –

this video perfectly sums up our adventures this week in the mystical Magdalene lands of southern france. arriving in the air of summer, passing the equinox in sacred ceremony and arriving in the winds of autumn – greeted happily by the cool breeze of the new season. like the leaves that begin to change color and fall; we too gracefully release old versions of ourselves, purifying and making space… making space for the sake of making space – – – for breath to find herself steeped in presence; to simply BE. not searching for the next rather just sitting with the voice of silence; and finding deepest nourishment and fulfillment there; a home-coming.

pink rose, white rose, yellow rose and the omnipresent essence of the red rose guided us through this journey of soft, self-loving forgiveness to surrender into the peace and quiet of existential death, to the joy, courage and dance of life – mmm the cycles, the magic, the ever-present change of and in all things.

feeling deepest gratitude for the flow and expansion of this week- deepening in our understanding of who we are, what we are and our service. connecting back to our roots and lives as bearers of the light, carriers of the sacred secrets, and remembered, rooted, risen in our nature as Carriers of the Christ Light.

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