Goddess Saraswati speaks…

A message of LOVE from Goddess Saraswati; Goddess of art, wisdom, knowledge and creativity


“sweet angels of the earth
I salute you on your missions.
thank you for showing up, for remembering and for mastering this lifetime of yours so you can translate the song of the cosmos into divine expression.
every thought, every word, every step is your opportunity to paint the world a rainbow.
everything you do, my loves, is an opportunity to create beauty in this world- everything!
from your conscious breath to the way you prepare your beautiful selves each morning, to the robes you wear to bed, the way you lovingly prepare your food, clean, converse with another, move through spaces, make love, relax, pray, work- everything and all is your chance to express exquisite heart harmony into the fabrics of your world.
play with the infinite mediums you have available to you and begin to paint your masterpiece.
walk this earthly plane with grace, ease and rhythm –
know that every conscious connected effort you make to live a life of beauty is felt by everything and all things around you- raising their vibration to meet yours.
let us compose the most beautiful show on earth and elevate those around us so they too can taste the nectar of unconditional love, of harmony, of rhythm, of pulsating vibration of our universe.
take this flute, and play it daily- may it remind your soul of the song it ought to sing – the song that creates the hologram of space-time, the web of all, the beating heart of the all and the no-thing.
play your flute. play your flute. play your flute”

♥️Saraswati, Goddess of creativity & wisdom

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