Divine Feminine Leadership

as we transition through this very real shift of awakening on our planet, we are being called forward and up into our role as leaders.

as complex as this ‘shift’ may seem, it is very simple – it is merely a 16-inch shift; a journey from the head to the heart! it is a shift from navigating our lives under the directive of our minds to living in pure trust and honour to our sacred hearts. the story of ‘why’ many cultures got so far as to only recognize, nourish and honour the mind is a long story in itself but this post is highlighting where we are headed- living our lives from the heart.

this is the path of the divine feminine- living in full surrender, devotion and trust to our ‘adytum’, our sacred heart temple. it is not about the rise of w-o-m-a-n, it is about the rise of the divine feminine with all beings, male and female. this energy is am energy of softness, devotion, grace, beauty, trust, sharing and community.

there were many times before this moment where there was a beautiful balance between both masculine and feminine energies on our planet, and this is where we are going again- remembering the natural harmony, the bliss, the joy and abundance when we are fully embodied in our wholeness.

witnessing the world and the current affairs we can see where the collective imbalance is – therefore a solution that can be found is in the awakening and empowering of our feminine.

this is a post to inspire all those reading this to level up to what your soul has called you forward to step into in this life. there is no more time to play small- it is the time; you are the prophets of the prophecy, and the time to shine your light is now. calling upon all brothers and sisters who remember and are remembering to stop playing small, take the leap of faith your heart is yearning for and following suit in the direction of your true north, the direction of your heart’s call.

the shift is now and you are an essential part of it. keep trusting, committing to your intuition and taking action towards your deepest knowing- it will never lead you astray.

light & love


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