☥ the remembering retreat Greece

☥ the remembering retreat 06.22 Greece

last month a group of beautiful ladies gathered in picturesque Pelion, Greece to remember, activate and embody their power and graceful divine feminine nature. sharing a few photos of this beautiful gathering of Goddesses from around the world who decided to say YES to a magical experience!

movement practices including yoga, walking meditations and dance; healthy & nourishing meals, an unforgettable pilgrimage to infamous Delphi *home of the Oracle of Delphi, swims in the salty waters of the Aegean Sea, sweet time in sisterhood, creative workshops, mantra singing, meditation practices, heart-opening sound journeys, self-inquiry workshops, envisioning our future and game-planning how to create and integrate this powerful experience into our ever-day lives, entering into Temple of Isis ceremony on sacred lands where we crowned ourselves QUEEN with our own handmade crystal crowns and reclaimed our rightful place on the throne, partner yoga, massage, the nectar of our breathtaking and authentic surroundings…. and and and – simply magical. grateful to the powerful ladies I was able to co-create with; love you @matiamubysofia , @carla__kuhlmann and @areyouvedic – first of many co-creations!

mmm as we continue this wild journey of evolution on our planet, we are being asked to reclaim all parts of ourselves and this journey begins by honouring ourselves with the gift of time and presence, taking time to reflect and reconnect back to who we are, what we are and our true service in this lifetime. for this reason, retreats are beautiful time-outs of our busy lives to return back to our core, get back on the course of our heart path, realign to the current of the divine that wants to express itself through us, and hold in vision the next steps for ourselves to go for + a whole lot of inspiration to give us the energy to go for it.

big thank you to all the sweet ladies who trusted us and said YES and mostly for saying YES to yourselves.

with love, Bianca Rose

thank you @valeries.welt and @healizm.space for some of these beautiful photos

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