remembering our own divinity, our own inner ORACLE

walking these sacred lands remembering our own divinity, our own inner ORACLE.

This stone is found in the archeological site of Delphi, Greece. It is said that the oracle would sit on this stone (imagine this stone turned on its side) and connect with the energies of the Great Goddess, Mother, Universe, the energy of Apollo (the God of Light) and receive answers to the questions that came to her. After succeeding in a thorough qualification process, passage to meet with the Oracle of Delphi was granted, a meeting with the ‘Pythia’ herself- the high priestess of the temple of Apollo at Delphi. Pythia finding it’s root from the word Python 🐍 (more to share on the symbol of the snake in shares to come). It was said that fumes would rise from the hole seen in the stone and intoxicated the Pythia (synonym for Oracle) and put her into a trance which allowed her to become a direct channel with the Divine. It was later proven that the Temple of Apollo at Delphi where she resided was directly above a fault line, a meeting of tectonic plated that would release fumes from the earth (later associated to be that gas said to bring her into her trance)…

In personal observation, I feel she was a divine priestess with a highly developed channel to the divine- fumes or no fumes she was a voice for the heavens and bridge between the cosmic realms and the earth. Perhaps with time power and riches distorted the original intention of this work…

During our pilgrimage we held a collective prayer to remember the magic that lives on the land and especially to reawaken the magic and power that lives within us! To reawaken the oracle within us- as we continue to transition and ascend our psychic abilities open and understanding of these gifts and applying them in right way is important – in service to unconditional love ❤️

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