‘omphalos’ navel of our Mother Earth

wrapping up this magical week long retreat with so many sweet ladies ✨ my heart is full and feeling deeply grateful for the opportunity to connect more deeply with the magical lands of Greece, co-create with beautiful sisters and share with open minded and open hearted women ❤️

Thank you Greece ✨ a few more days here to rest and unwind.

This is a photo of the omphalos in Delphi. In Ancient Greek ‘omphalos’ means navel and it was believed that this was the navel of the entire world; the navel of our Mother Earth.

The myth of the origins of the Delphi Oracle begin when the God Zeus wanted to discover the center of the earth so he threw two eagles into the sky and as they flew from opposite sides of the world, they met here, above Delphi.

This is Home of our sweet Mother Earth, her sanctuary- a place to remember and give thanks for her continuous support, abundance and the unconditional love she showers upon us. For many years it was the home of the infamous oracle who would share guidance to those who came to seek it.

Delphi is a magical site and an energy portal on our planet filled with beautiful reminders of the magic of all life and our own inner beauty and strength – we pilgrimage here to worship Mother Earth and remember ourselves as the oracle we all are, to remember the wisdom that lies within each one of us ✨🙏✨

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