A Hymn to Magdalene


Divine essence 

Christ-aline frequency 

Embodiment of Unconditional Love: 

warrior, priestess, master, guide, leader, activist 

Woman of grace. Woman of strength. 

Bless our journey, our remembrance, our hearts, our power. 

May the light of your wisdom dwell within us so we can speak our Truth with integrity, in love’s embrace, with softness paired with stalwart might.

May we speak the words of our heart from the sanctuary of self awareness and fierce knowing of our boundaries; our yes’s, our no’s.

May the virtues you embody be remembered within us. 

May your wisdom fall like rose petals upon our crowns.

May we make your words our own.

May we remember that your grace and love is our grace and love.

Sing through us, let us carry your melodies forth,

With reverence and rightness on our breath.


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