Rose Priestess

As I was reflecting on the words ‘rose priestess’ asking myself what does this actually mean to me? My musings revealed the following?

To ‘priestess’ something is to keep/ safe guard something sacred (Truth)

To walk the priestess path is to move through life in grace and beauty.

The priestess is here to way show a way light, alignment, mastery and be fully embodied in this

The priestess holds the Heart Keys of rite living, ritual and prayer


She who ushers in this great time of awakening

She who lives in and from her heart

She who is and way-shows the new or remembered paradigm of heart-entered living

She who embodies in a balanced and healthy way divine feminine qualities

She who lives in prayer, devotion and reverence

She who lives her life in full trust

She who lives her life in presence

She who walks the beauty way

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