purification, cleansing and protection

as we deepen in our work with and for the divine, we open ourselves to the subtleties of new realms – for this reason a practice of purification, cleansing and protection is important.

one powerful way to implement a practice of both purification and protection is to smudge yourself and the space you are in, which means burning an incense such as Pablo santo, sage, copal, sweet grass or other around you and throughout the space. I even like to sing a mantra of protection while I’m doing this:

ad guray namay
jugad guray namay
sat guray namay
siri guru day ve namay

translated this means:
I bow to the primal wisdom,
I bow to the wisdom through the ages,
I bow to the true wisdom,
I bow to the great divine wisdom.

chanting this mantra creates a field of protection all around you ✨✨✨

I personally like to smudge my space before I sit down to do a morning practice and often around my bed before sleeping to bless my dream state.

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