gate: sekhmet

gate theme song: hara by jean du voyage

Temple of Isis Ritual | Sekhmet
April 23, 2024


heart work:

☥ say YES | Sekhmet activates our inner power and dares us to say YES, get out of our comfort zone and flourish in the unknown with a new found confidence that she lovingly bestow upon us. 

☥ Read Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess by Nicki Scully (kindle version available)

☥ Final Assignment One: create a Rite of Passage Ritual (directions below)

☥ Final Assignment Two: Final Essay

compose/ write a hymn (song) or invocation (prayer) to the sekhmet template within you; share in the facebook group your creation

☥ optional: portray yourself as sekhmet in a photo or drawing to activate her template within you

our collective priestess plan:

△ breath of fire (3 rounds of 77 pumpings)
△ fire + candle gazing (7 minutes)
△ journal 10 things you’re grateful for
△ channel any guided messages or wisdom from your highest self

New Moon | Sekhmet
May 9, 2024


final assignment number one | ritual creation


Open your own portal of communion with the divine. Channel a Rite of Passage Ritual, which you will then submit to me. Remember, there are always a few key elements that are a part of any ritual process:
Ritual Flow
    1. Brief hello & settling
    2. Opening with an OM
    3. Bring the energies that are meant to guide and protect the ceremony into the space (you may consider invoking the 7 goddesses of the Mystery School of the Rose)
    4. Sacred Sound/ Prayer/ Hymn Opening
    5. Sharing of intentions
    6. Purification Ritual
    8. Integration
    9. Sacred Sound/ Prayer/ Hymn Closing
    10. Closing with an OM
      *the flow above is flexible; I am giving it to you as a guideline/framework to model your ritual.
    1. Separation from the world
    2. Entry into the other world
    3. Meeting challenges along the way (perhaps the mind)
    4. Help received from a guide (the guiding priestess)
    5. Entry into the inner sanctum
    6. Illumination (mystical experience; helicopter view; new perspective)
    7. Assimilation of the mystical experience
    8. Return to the world
      *from the book Mmm Sety’s Egypt: a story of ancient mysteries, secret lives and lost history of the pharaohs

final assignment number two | final essay


Essay Topic: my journey through the seven gates of the Mystery School of the Rose; approximately: 2500 words

Have fun with this assignment; and choose a direction with this essay that excites you. It is not black or white how this paper must be written. Below are some ideas and examples. If you are uncertain, you can speak with me privately

    • write about each gate in chronological order, including your experience with each goddess, ritual, activation and how you now embody the teachings
    • write about the core teachings you received throughout the journey
    • speak of your journey through the seven gates and how YOU have transformed; your own metamorphosis process