gate: saraswati

gate theme song: saraswati by krishna das

introduction to saraswati | dance with aliza

february 23, 2024


temple of isis ritual: creative expression full circle


february 24, 2024

for our upcoming ceremony, please bring & prepare: 

    • quiet and uninterrupted space; comfortable space to sit, move and lay down
    • wear a white dress or gown and adorn yourself for ceremony (jewelry etc)
    • 1 candle
    • as many different colour roses as you can
    • incense (sage, palo santo, or copal…)
    • an instrument
    • glass of water
    • spiritual text (ex: baghavad gita…)
    • blank piece of paper and your favourite pen
    • prepare a 5-minute presentation where you will ‘express’- translate your divine channel into motion
heart work:

☥ read the book: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (version by the Brotherhood of the White Temple)

download the audiobook ‘awakening shakti’ and listen to chapter 7 ‘saraswati: goddess who flows language, insight and sound’

☥ choose an instrument and begin playing it; 3x per week if possible (make it a priority)

☥ together with your priestess partner, channel a task/exercise for your sister to do that allows them to express themselves in a challenging and exciting way

☥ express yourself in a way you’ve always dreamed of doing yet haven’t done before (example: take a belly dance class or a flamenco class, painting class, prepare a three course plant based meal, make a flower arrangement, take a pole dancing class etc)- share your experience in your sunday update

compose/ write a hymn (song) or invocation (prayer) to the saraswati template within you; share in the facebook group your creation

☥ optional: portray yourself as saraswati in a photo or drawing to activate her template within you

our collective priestess plan:

△ chakra alignment and attunement; chant the bij mantra for each corresponding chakra three times visualizing the color and vibrating the mantra frequency into the charka field (LAM/red/root – VAM/orange/sacral – RAM/yellow/solar plexus – YUM/green/heart – HUM/blue/throat – OM/indigo/third eye – OM/violet/crown)

△ chant our theme song out loud: sing through my voice

journal 10 things you are grateful for

listen and journal to your heart/ higher self every morning: ask if anything wants to come through; write out everything that comes through without judgement or filter

in your journal, answer the following question: how am I expressing my life as beauty in the world today?

△ 3x/week more do the kriya for creativity (25 min) (click for guided kundalini practice)

theory | 1000 petal lotus expression

march 2, 2024


temple of isis ritual | full circle creative expression

march 14, 2024


Full Moon Ceremon

breathwork w/ Jose & Victory sharing

march 14, 2024


Mystery Teachings

april 1, 2024


songs, prayers, hymns & eclipsed channellings

april 9, 2024