gate two: mary magdalene

theory class II: the priestess way

july 23, 2021

temple of isis ritual practice two: pleasure practice

july 24, 2021

for our upcoming ceremony on july 24, please bring & prepare:

  • quiet and uninterrupted space; comfortable space to sit and lay down
  • wear a white dress or gown and adorn yourself for ceremony (priestess attire: necklaces, earrings, flowers, headpiece, sparkles…)
  • candle
  • incense (sage, palo santo, copal…)
  • glass of water
  • roses 1-12 pieces
  • red thread (enough to wrap around your own wrist)
  • cacao pod (if you can’t get one, a bar or piece of chocolate that is as close to pure as possible)
  • essential oil (rose, frankincense, spikenard)
  • instrument (if you have one)
  • massage oil
  • notebook and a pen

    sharing, integration, Q&A, preparation for self-lead ceremony

    july 25, 2021

    heart work:

    listen to marin bach-antonson’s 7-part audio 7 sacred ways to connect with your inner priestess”

    download kindle book: magdalene beckons: join the river of love and record yourself reading the transmissions from Magdalene on your phone (listen each morning as part of your daily practice)

    listen to chapter 10 & 11(in the audio version it will say chapter 15 &16) of the sophia code

    ☥ if you aren’t already, purchase a diva-cup and begin to use it

    painting with your moon blood

    use yoni egg (rose quartz or jade)

    compose/ write a hymn (song) or invocation (prayer) to the mary magdalene template within you; share in the facebook group your creation

    optional: portray yourself as mary magdalene in a photo or drawing to activate her template within you

    our collective priestess plan:

    10 minute self-love practice every morning or evening (ex: breast massage with rose oil, self-pleasure, laying down in a deep relaxed savasana…)

    journal 10 things you are grateful for every morning 

    journal to your higher self every morning: ask her if there is anything that wants to come through and if there are any messages for you

    post slef-lead ceremony | sharing, integration and Q & A

    august 9, 2021