gate three: lakshmi

theory class III: multi-dimensional space holding

august 21, 2021

temple of isis ritual practice three: collapsing the timeline

august 22, 2021

*** inquire who you are becoming, what would YOU and your life look like if you were truly living your highest and fullest potential? This is a key part of the preparation for this ceremony as we will be taking a quantum leap and stepping into this version of ourselves in this ceremony- we are working with TIME and mending our concept around it to ‘time travel’ into our highest and most aligned SELF so we can continue to be in fullest service to Ourselves, Mother Earth, our Communities, and the Awakening Process of Humanity. Once you hold the vision of YOU in fullest power and embodiment, ask yourself what props, outfit, instrument, setting or tools you may need to fully FEEL your future self in the present moment (this is a key ingredient of the magic we are doing- so whatever it is that will help you truly feel and believe that you already ARE your future self, please bring it and have it prepared for our ceremony). 

for our upcoming ceremony on august 22, please bring & prepare: 

    • quiet and uninterrupted space; comfortable space to sit, move and lay down
    • wear clothing and prepare yourself in accordance to the future self you are embodying
    • 12 candles or 12 crystals to ‘grid’ (mark) a dodecagon in your space
    • incense (sage, palo santo, or copal…)
    • warm brewed herbal tea
    • hourglass timer (if you don’t have one find something that represents TIME to you)
    • notebook and pen

sharing, integration, Q&A, preparation for self-lead ceremony

august 23, 2021

heart work:

☥ remember your ABCs (always be coding) and offer your priestess partner feedback

compose/ write a hymn (song) or invocation (prayer) to the lakshmi template within you; share in the facebook group your creation

write a letter to money and keep it on your shrine (write this from your heart and infuse it with love and gratitude)

read: think and grow rich by napoleon hill (in chapter two follow the six steps & write them out: ‘transmuting your desire for riches into financial equivalent’) 

download audio book: awakening shakti by sally kempton and listen to chapter 4: lakshmi: goddess of abundance and good fortune

listen to the guided meditation: journey to connect with your healing crystals (from the book: the union of isis and thoth by normandi ellis)

additionally to the temple of isis ritual organize an event (day event, overnight event, one-on-one session with a friend where you try out your remembered healing abilities)

optional: portray yourself as lakshmi n a photo or drawing to activate her template within you

optional recommended readings: the union of isis and thoth by normandi ellis & alchemical healing by nicki scully

our collective priestess plan:

upon waking and before going to sleep recite the following affirmation seven times (get into it, embody it and feel it): “I am so happy and grateful that money flows to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis”

celestial communication (connect to the cosmos and let your body communicate with the divine through movement and dance) – eventually create your own abun-dance and share your codes with us in the facebook group to activate our collective abundance codes (check out artist deya dova for some great songs for this) (7 + minutes)

magnificent mantra (click for the music) (7 minutes)

△ silent meditation with conscious breath (7 minutes)

journal 10 things you are grateful for

journal to your higher self every morning: ask her if there is anything that wants to come through and if there are any messages for you

post slef-lead ceremony | sharing, integration and Q & A

september 7, 2021