gate: hathor

gate theme song: golden age by fia

opening ceremony & initiation to the mystery school of the rose

september 17, 2021 (for our new sisters)


for our opening ceremony, please bring & prepare:

  • quiet and uninterrupted space; comfortable space to sit and lay down
  • wear a white dress or gown and adorn yourself for ceremony (priestess attire: necklaces, earrings, flowers, headpiece, sparkles…)
  • candle
  • incense (sage, palo santo, copal…)
  • glass of water
  • one rose
  • oil for anointing (preferably rose, frankincense, or myrrh) *if you don’t have either, any other flower essence will work
  • notebook and a pen

heart work:

get roses for your altar & continue deepening your relationship with them (roses will always have a place on your altar throughout the duration of the training)

post a photo or the words of the vision that came through for you today in our facebook group

read and/or look at your vision every day (you may choose to re-write/draw/ or paint it & make it an altar piece)

theory class: leadership in the golden age

september 20, 2021

temple of isis ritual practice: activating the temple of isis

september 21, 2021

for our upcoming ceremony on september 21, please bring & prepare: 

    • quiet and uninterrupted space; comfortable space to sit, move and lay down
    • wear a white dress or gown and adorn yourself for ceremony (jewelry etc)
    • 8 candles or 8 crystals to ‘grid’ (mark) an octagon in your space
    • oil for anointing (preferably rose, frankincense, or myrrh) * if you don’t have either, any flower essence will work
    • incense (sage, palo santo, or copal…)
    • one red rose
    • glass of water
    • crystal or stone that will be your offering
    • notebook and pen

sharing, integration, Q&A, preparation for self-lead ceremony

september 22, 2021 *partial recording

heart work:

☥ remember your ABCs (always be coding) and offer your priestess partner feedback

embody and use the leadership mudra, frequently

download the audiobook ‘the sophia code’ and listen to chapter 7 ‘hathor’ (in the audio version it will say chapter 11)

watch the movie (yes this is a fun popcorn evening): gods of egypt directed by alex proyas

☥ record a video of yourself speaking about/ teaching something you are passionate about (leyre has posted suggested video topics in the facebook group; I encourage you to take the challenge and speak on this topic- trusting leyre’s beautiful channel. if you want to modify the topic that is OK- trust yourself and what wants to be shared) *please keep to max 15 minutes

BONUS: post your video to your Youtube channel; if you don’t already have one- make one

take action on your ‘received gold and action plan’ and share your progress in your sunday updates

compose/ write a hymn (song) or invocation (prayer) to the hathor template within you; share in the facebook group your creation

☥ optional: portray yourself as hathor in a photo or drawing to activate her template within you

solstice group: two ceremonies this gate: one online and one in person (date for our upcoming coaching session for how to guide an online ceremonies tba)

our collective priestess plan:

upon waking and before going to sleep recite the following affirmation seven times (as you speak it visualize the energy coming from the base of your spine, up along the backside of your body, over your head and down the front side of your body all the way out through the bottom of your feet): “I am filled with divine love. I am overflowing with divine love.

△ kundalini kriya: key to unlock to unlimited, infinite power in you (12-20 minutes) audio files below | once you have gotten into the rhythm of the kriya through the guidance you are encourage to do the kriya on your own using an interval timer: 7-1-1-1 or 15-1-1.5-1 (click for music to accompany practice)

△ silent meditation with conscious breath and/or savasana (5-7 minutes)

sing out loud ‘sing through my voice’ by the beautiful chorus (3 min)

journal 10 things you are grateful for

journal to your higher self every morning: ask her if there is anything that wants to come through and if there are any messages for you

session: guidance for in-person training (equinox)

october 2, 2021

session: guidance for online training (solstice)

october 2, 2021

post slef-lead ceremony | sharing, integration and Q & A

october 7, 2021