Temple of Isis Ritual

COLLAPSING THE TIMELINE | reclaiming abundance & embodying our potential

monday, september 6, 2021 @ 10am PST

Join us on this day as we create a new agreement with our relationship to Time. Time is an illusion that the collective has agreed upon, yet once we move into a higher octave of consciousness we can move beyond the constructs of time and space, Quantum Leaping our dreams into existence. In this Temple of Isis Ritual, we understand Time in a new way, collapsing the ‘known’ timeline and bringing a pure and elevated version of ourselves into manifest form. In this ceremony, we evoke the goddess Lakshmi and ask her to guide us through a journey of shifting us into deeper abundance consciousness. All of our dreams are possible, the only thing holding us back is ourselves and the beliefs we hold. In this ritual, we will make a new agreement with Time and reclaim our abundant nature and our divinity.

Preparation guidelines will be sent your email upon registration. Once received, please read the preparation guidelines carefully as the more prepared you are, the more potent the magic will be!


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